Before your lesson:

  • Lesson bookings to be done in advance.
  • EFT, Club, Debit and Credit cards are the preferred payment options.
  • Facility and coaching procedures will be communicated on booking, the player should request these, if not provided.
  • Players are requested to clean/santize all personal equipment at home prior to session.
  • Players are required to bring their face mask.
  • Hands are required to be washed with soap and water/sanitized before the lesson.
  • In the case of juniors, consent forms must be signed by parents/ guardians of the player.
  • Players are required to wait in their car or in a designated area and may only move to the lesson area 15 minutes before the start of the lesson.
  • If a player uses a golf cart to get to the lesson, they shall observe the requirement of not more than 1 person per golf cart. Or if from the same family household then a maximum of two persons per golf cart.
  • Coaches will indicate to you which coaching bay you may use for the lesson.
  • All players will be required to be logged into an attendance register on arrival at the lesson and may be required to go through a screening process.
  • Coaches will be required to allocate gaps between lessons in order to prepare safe conditions for next lesson.

During your lesson:

  • Face masks are compulsory for players and coaches at all times.
  • Range bays will be set up 3 metres apart, and players must adhere to this at all times.
  • It is recommended that the player’s own golf clubs and training equipment be used (where possible).
  • Players are required to bring their own water bottle and it is also advised to remain hydrated during your golfing experience.
  • Players and Coaches are required to observe social distancing of a minimum of 2m distance and there shall be no physical contact between you, your coach or any other players.
  • Players to collect own bucket of balls from prescribed collection point.
  • Players must not touch any stray golf balls.
  • Players and Coaches are not to touch the flagstick on any practice green.
  • You may find that the hole have been removed, or a hole liner has been used so that all of
  • the ball does not fall below the surface of the putting green and the ball can be easily retrieved by handling the ball only.

After your lesson:

  • Players must sanitize or wash their hands with soap and water immediately after the lesson.
  • Players are requested to clean/santize all personal equipment at home after the session.

General Notes:

  • Please be aware of and follow the basic guidelines implemented by government regarding the COVID-19 virus based on the alert level of your province.
  • If the lesson is to take place at a practice facility based at a Golf Club, the club’s basic regulations apply at all times and will be in conjunction with the outlined regulations.
  • It is general good practice for Players and Coaches to always carry hand sanitiser with them and refrain from touching their faces.
  • If any player becomes infected (tests positive), players who were at the facility at the same time, will be advised in accordance with the relevant Covid-19 regulations.

These Individual Coaching Lesson guidelines do not supercede SA government gazetted regulations.
For further information please go to: or
Date: 28 May 2020


Where to find us

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